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Advocacy Focus

At the Nevada Trucking Association our mission is to ensure that Nevada truck and bus industries are protected from excessive expenses and unnecessary regulations. We partner with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) to monitor federal legislation that can impact your business. Below are listed a few of the successes which the Nevada Trucking Association has recently accomplished as part of our advocacy efforts for our members.

    • The Nevada Trucking Association built a coalition with other business groups to defeat a weight distance tax proposal that would have charged every truck with a declared gross vehicle weight over 55,000, lbs., 15 cents per mile. The defeat of this proposal alone saved the Nevada trucking industry over $1.5 billion.
    • The Nevada Trucking Association successfully worked to defeat a gross receipts tax which would have been imposed on all Nevada businesses.
      The Nevada Trucking Association has worked with both legislators and regulators to pass sensible measures which enhance highway safety.
    • The Nevada Trucking Association has defeated or amended measures which would have impacted the trucking industry’s operations such as
      • route and lane restrictions;
      • fuel mandates;
      • speed differentials;
      • idling restrictions;
      • and the elimination of triple trailers in Nevada.
      • The Nevada Trucking Association worked to streamline the permit and licensing process.
      • Aside from trucking issues, the Nevada Trucking Association advocates from pro-growth policies that enhance Nevada’s general business climate and competitiveness.

    While this is a list of past successes, we are prepared to take on new challenges which target the motor carrier industry. The Nevada Trucking Association will continue to work to ensure that laws and regulations are understandable and manageable, with achievable compliance as the operative.